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Learn at home and gain
a Diploma in

Paranormal Investigator
Psychic Practitioner
Electronic Voice Phenomenon
Quantum Theory
Alternative Universes
Hyperspace [10th dimension]
Remote Viewing
Science of Impossibility
Ufology - UFO study
Astral Dynamics [O.B.E.]
New Age Parapsychology
Tarot Card Reading
Aura Reading
Dream Therapy
Psychic Dreamwalking
Assertiveness Training
Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
Hypnosis Advanced
Interpersonal Relationships
Health Psychology
Health & Nutrition
Anatomy & Physiology
Sports Psychology
Handwriting Analysis
Novel Writing

Newspaper/Mag. Article-writing
Film/Video Making
English Grammar
Business Administration
Business/Management Consultancy
Project Management
Property Development
Mediation Management
Business Continuity Mgmt.
Total Quality Management [TQM]
Health & Safety Management
Machiavellian Philosophy
Human Resources Mgmt.
Sales Management
Retail Management
Event Management
Time Management
Negotiation Management
HTML Code Writing [IT]
Javascript Code [IT]
Law [English]
Business Law
Applied Psychology
Lucid Dreaming
Forensic Psychology
Life Coaching
Stress Management
Anger Management
Dissociative Identity Disorder
Asperger’s Syndrome
Criminological Psychology

Attention Deficit Disorder -ADD
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Cognitive Psychology
Stress, Cognition and Health
First Aid Diploma
Thought Field Therapy
Awareness States
Body Language
Sex Therapist
Marriage/Couple Counselling
Taoist Healing Therapist [Taoism]
Reiki [I, II and III]
Autogenic Training
Spiritual Healer
Crystal Healing
Wicca Craft Witch
Yoga & Meditation
Critical Thinking

Many of the College’s courses are designed to help you to earn money [part-time or full time]


The Institute of
Applied Quality

Paranormal and Parapsychology
courses are accredited by the
Institute of Forensic Parapsychology

The College of Management Science and its courses are registered with
the National Learning Directory, London, Great Britain

The College’s courses for Therapists are among the leading courses available by open and distance learning available.

* Psychotherapy programme.
You can enrol in
* Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy
* Counselling
* Psychology or Applied Psychology
You will only have to pay for two courses and in addition to receiving each of theses three Diplomas, you will also receive a fourth Diploma in Psychotherapy Free of charge.
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[this course includes a beautiful traditional Waite pack of cards, a copy of the original book and modern notes which wil assist you to rapidly become proficient as a sought after Tarot consultant.
* Numerology
* Psychometry
[this course can also be useful in Paranormal Investigation]
* Palmistry
* Psychic Dreamwalking
* Psychic Practitioner

The College’s courses on management are highly acclaimed in the world of business.
A unique feature of the college’s management courses is the emphasis on thinking ahead and empowering you to succeed.

The College of Management Science, London is one of the few Management Schools and Open Colleges offering a Management Course based on the management philosophy of the political philosopher, Niccolo Machiavelli.
Managers wanting to give themselves the edge, the unique selling point enrol in this course. A useful 3for2 option is ...
* Machiavellian Management [Dip.M.Ph.]
* Business Administration [Dip.B.A.]
* Business Continuity Planning [Dip.M.]
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Invest in yourself
it’s the best investment
you will ever make

Parapsychology and Paranormal courses are suitable for budding Parapsychologists. The main Parapsychology programme covers the field at beginner, intermediate and advanced level and provides valuable certification and accreditation.

* Parapsychology
* Paranormal Investigator
* Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy
The Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy course has the added benefit of both fitting in with Paranormal and Parapsychology work through, for example Past-Life Regression and Future Life Progression investigations and research, but also equips you with an incredible skill and ability to secure for yourself very high regular earnings by helping others as a...
* Past Life Regression Therapist
* Weight Control Therapist
* Smoking Cessation Therapist
* Eating Disorder Therapist
* Performance Improvement Therapist [ exams, life style ]
* Pain Control
* Skin Disorders such as Eczema
* Stress Reduction, Relaxation
The College’s * EVP course [Electronic Voice Phenomenon] is unique in that it examines in detail the possible real causes of the phenomenon. Whilst most work in the field claims that they are voices from the dead, the truth is actually even more amazing.

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